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Kustom Konnect: Custom-made Headplates and Interfaces for Excavators, Loaders, Tractors and Skid Steers (and almost anything else you can think of)

Kustom Konnect Weight Frame for Multi-One Compact Loader
Kustom Konnect Weight Frame for Multi-One Compact Loader

What is Kustom Konnect?

Since 2016, Wheatway Solutions Limited have been designing and manufacturing bespoke head plates and interfaces for a wide variety of carriers and attachments, under their Kustom Konnect brand. This enables Wheatway Solutions to provide customers purchasing Gyru-Star Compact Screening Systems, with a complete package. A market-leading screening bucket and a custom-made interface, designed specifically for their carriers of choice.

Hand Built in Great Britain

Wheatway Solutions Headquaters in Gloucestershire, United Kingdom
Wheatway Solutions Headquaters in Gloucestershire

Just like their sister brand, Gyru-star, all Kustom Konnect products are designed and manufactured in Gloucestershire, in the United Kingdom. This is a testament to Wheatway Solutions’ turnkey manufacturing capability, which allows them to carry out all their research, development and manufacturing in-house.

Furthermore, this enables Wheatway to maintain strict quality control procedures, ensuring that customers receive dependable, high-quality products they can rely on.

The Design and Prototyping Process

Wheatway’s R&D team have over 100 years of combined experience, across the manufacturing and plant industries, making them well-placed to design and manufacture bespoke attachment solutions for Kustom Konnect customers.

With their CNC machining and fabrication workshops, Wheatway can rapidly design and prototype solutions, bespoke to each customer's individual needs. Throughout the process, they will continually liaise with customers and dealers to fully understand how the product will be used, and the demands which will be placed on it.

Recent Products

Innovation is at the heart of everything Wheatway do; and drives their approach to designing and developing new products. Whatever the need of the customer, Wheatway Solutions is able to engineer a bespoke, high-quality solution.

Here you can see a few recent examples of products Wheatway have produced under their Kustom Konnect brand:

Dual Interface for 6-8 ton Excavators

This head plate was built for a customer in the UK, who needed an interface for their Gyru-Star screening bucket, which was compatible with both a six and eight ton excavator. This design uses a sliding pin, which can be unbolted and quickly adjusted, depending on the carrier.

Adjustable Dual Interface for 6-8 Ton Excavators
Adjustable Dual Interface for 6-8 Ton Excavators

Dual Interface for Compact Loader, Excavator and Backhoe

Another unique and innovative product from Kustom Konnect. This bespoke interface was designed for a customer, who was looking for a dual compact loader/ excavator interface, for their Gyru-Star 3-120HE screening bucket. The customer wanted to use the bucket with three separate machines: a JCB 3CX backhoe loader, a Takeuchi TB260 6-ton excavator, and an Avant Compact Loader.

Kustom Konnect Dual Interface for Compact Loader, Excavator and Backhoe
Kustom Konnect Dual Interface for Compact Loader, Excavator and Backhoe

Weight Frame for Compact Loader

This weight frame was specially designed for a compact loader, allowing the operator to quickly and easily adjust the counterbalance weight. This particular design also incorporates a tow ball, ensuring that the compact loader's versatility is not compromised.

Kustom Konnect Weight Frame for Multi-One Compact Loader
Kustom Konnect Weight Frame

Three Point Linkage Adapter for Compact Loader

One of the more niche Kustom Konnect products is this interface for a Multi-One Compact Loader. This customer required an interface which would allow them to mount a solar panel cleaning brush to their compact loader. This was paired with the weight frame above, to ensure that the load was evenly spread, ensuring that the loader did not tip over.

Kustom Konnect Three Point Linkage Adapter for a Multi-One Compact Loader
Kustom Konnect Three Point Linkage Adapter

Breaker Stand and Tool Brushing Kit.

Whilst not an interface, this product is an excellent example of Wheatway’s culture of innovation. Managing director, Colin Smith, identified a gap in the market for a universal stand for hammer attachments. This design features interchangeable plates, which can be changed depending on the size of the hammer shaft. Currently, the stand is available with brushing kits from 40-70mm.

Kustom Konnect Universal Breaker Stand
Kustom Konnect Universal Breaker Stand

Loader and Skid Steer Interfaces

Screening bucket interfaces are the bread and butter of the Kustom Konnect brand. However, they are not just limited to excavator head plates and interfaces. These interfaces are designed specifically for Gyru-Star loader (L) and skid steer Loader (SL) screening buckets.

Kustom Konnect Skid Steer Loader Interface on a Gyru-Star 3-120SL Screening Bucket
Kustom Konnect Skid Steer Loader Interface

These interfaces can be built to suit any type of compact loader, tractor or skid steer loader. This includes, but is not limited to, interfaces for:

Compact Loaders including:

  • Avant

  • Takeuchi

  • Compact-One

  • CASE

  • Kubota

  • JCB

Compact Tractors including:

  • Yanmar

  • Kubota

  • John Deere

Skid Steer Loaders Including:

  • CASE

  • Bobcat

  • Takeuchi

  • JCB

  • CAT

Where Can I Buy a Custom-made Interface?

Kustom Konnect products are available through our global network of dealers and distributors. Orders, including those for bespoke interfaces, can be placed through any authorised Gyru-Star dealer.

Alternatively, if you would like to discuss your requirements directly with the R&D team, get in touch using the details below.

Telephone: +44 (0)1452 728448

To find your nearest dealer, you can use the ‘dealer finder’ tool linked below.

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